5 Ways On How To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend

How to get revenge on your exWe all have our own share of loving and being loved. The world seems a brighter place and the days seem to bring sunshine if you are in love. But not all of us have a happy-ever-after story ending. You know when things become shaky in the relationship, every little move becomes crucial. Sad but true, some of us may end up hurting: either he left you for someone else or vice versa or for reasons you cannot understand. At the onset of the breakup, you were probably thinking of how to get revenge on your ex. This is pretty normal, especially if you didn’t see it coming.

Men, if they have lost interest in their partners, try to come up with all possible excuses and reasoning just to put an end in the relationship. The really sad thing is that if a third party is involved, they break up with you for lame reasons such as “We’re not going anywhere anymore” or “I need space” or “You’re too good for me.” You have to be quick in reading between the lines; otherwise, you’d end up being fooled. Initiate the break up before he does it. Spare yourself from the shame of being left in the relationship.

When your partner walks away, you are bound to go through misery. You don’t have to deny it; everyone who’s hurting goes through that emotional stage. It is such a painful and traumatic experience that you feel like shutting yourself off from the rest of the world. Out of anger and depression, you want to get even by getting revenge on your ex, so here are a few tips to get back at him.

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex : Show that You Are Happy

One of the best ways to get revenge on your ex is to never show him that you are affected with the breakup. Never show him how depressed you are over what happened between you both as it only gives him the idea that leaving you was a good decision. Show a happy disposition, and make it appear like you are happy with your current situation. It will be a big slap on his face because he will keep on wondering why. When he is expecting you to be wallowing in misery and struggling with emotional pain, surprise him by wearing a smile all the time although it truly hurts deep inside. The secret is to fake it until you get used to it and one day you’ll realize that it was worth the faking.

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex : Open Doors for a Possible Mr. Right

ways to get revenge on your ex

Part of moving on is to accept that things happen for a reason and learn to move on with life. You can actually get revenge on your ex boyfriend by dating other guys, but this does not mean that your very purpose for dating is purely to take revenge. The intention is to open your doors for a potential partner, but while you are at it, you are also unknowingly getting back at your ex. The truth is, once your ex learns that you are dating other guys, he gets alarmed and feels that he is in competition with the other men. It actually triggers him to want to win you back, and once he attempts to make amends with you, do not give him that satisfaction by getting back with him right there and then. Make him feel the loss when you left him because he replaced you for another woman. Men can be persuading especially if they know that the woman still has an emotional attraction to them.

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex : Always Stay Physically Attractive

Men initially get attracted on the physical aspect. This girl that your ex is getting attached to lately could be physically appealing and attractive. You must outshine her looks by making yourself look even more attractive. Pamper yourself at the salon. Get a new hairstyle. Stay fit. Dress nicely. You will definitely attract admirers and people are sure to notice it, too. Your ex will then feel sorry for choosing someone over you. Also, there is no reason not to be at your best and to always look your best especially that you are single!

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex : Do Not Initiate Communication

get revenge on your exYou may be on the verge of wanting to text or call him. You are probably even doing it already. That is absolutely not the way on how to get revenge on an ex. Have your friends not told you to avoid any form of communication with him? Make your ex feel your absence. You broke up with him in the first place, so stick to what you did. Besides, women are not supposed to be running after the guys even if they are the ones who broke up with them (guys). If a guy really wants you, he will do anything to try to get you back. But as a way to revenge at him, keep yourself at bay. It will hurt him to know that you have not bothered to call or text. He will feel that you never really cared after all. Truth is he still expects you to be looking for him after the break up. So never initiate any form of communication with your ex.

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex : Stay Likeable to Everyone

If you have won the hearts of his family and friends, you can use them as a way to revenge on him. Stay nice to his family and friends, but never show any signs that you want him back. If they will see the good in you, your ex will find it hard to introduce the girl he left you for. They cannot help but compare, and it hurts him to know that his new girl will find it difficult to be liked and accepted by the people close to him.

Take on a sweet revenge on your ex that will not worsen your hurt feelings from the bad break up. Also, although revenge is good for appeasement, try to not dwell on it too much as well. It would probably be best to start picking up the pieces and move forward with your life.

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