How To Tell Her You Love Her More Than Anything

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How To Tell Her You Love Her More Than Anything thumbnail

Telling a girl that you love her is, for a lot of guys, perhaps one of the most difficult things to say to a girl. These are the words that you simply can’t imagine being said by all the icons of masculinity. Can you imagine James Bond saying these words? Or what about Batman or [...]


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5 Ways Of Dealing With A Breakup If You Were The Cause thumbnail

Dealing with a breakup is never easy especially if you were the one who decided to call it off. All sorts of feelings are probably locked up inside you, ranging from satisfaction to relief to guilt and everything in between. There’s no quick fix when it comes to dealing with breakups but these suggestions may [...]


5 Ways: How To Get Over A Break Up

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5 Ways: How To Get Over A Break Up thumbnail

Learning how to get over a break up is never easy no matter what the circumstances are or how “amicable” the way the relationship ended. If you’re having trouble getting over a break up the following may help you get through the situation. Also, remember that you are not alone and other people have gone [...]

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3 Break Up Advice For Women You Need To Follow thumbnail

The following break up advice for women is meant to help you deal with this difficult situation. If you just broke up or were dumped by your bf, breaking up advice may be the last thing you want to listen to coz you just want to forget about everything. However, the following strategies will help [...]


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5 Ways On How To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend thumbnail

We all have our own share of loving and being loved. The world seems a brighter place and the days seem to bring sunshine if you are in love. But not all of us have a happy-ever-after story ending. You know when things become shaky in the relationship, every little move becomes crucial. Sad but [...]